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Competition objective

* To discover excellent blockchain development teams and individuals around the globe

* To drive the development of global blockchain privacy (anonymous) technology

* To promote the construction of thriving (privacy/ anonymous) application communities based on AOS public chains

* To advance the commercial application of blockchain technology for realizing the integrated innovation and converged application of blockchain technology

* To provide cutting-edge blockchain development platforms and exchange opportunities for global blockchain developers


Competition directionPrivacy (anonymous) technology + decentralized application

Participants Blockchain developers, technology fans and blockchain enterprises and organizations around the globe

The competition questions are divided into "restricted competition questions" and "non restricted competition questions". "Limited competition question" is to complete the development according to the function description of "limited competition question". "Non restricted competition questions" refers to products other than "non restricted competition questions" The theme is positive and innovative entries. "Restricted competition questions" are as follows:

Competition system and schedule

Preliminary (selecting shortlist award winners):

Evaluation and awarding will be finished within 7 working days after participants submit their works. Works meeting the relevant requirements will be shortlisted and win the shortlist award;

Final (selecting the final winners):

After the submission of works closes, winning works will be selected from all the shortlisted works and awards will be granted

Competition reward and support plan

(1) Preliminary award evaluation (shortlist award)

During August 20-October 20, participants’ submitted works meeting the basic requirements of entries and generally reaching the work selection criteria can have access to the “shortlist award” (evaluation and awarding will be finished within 7 working days after submission).奖)

Topic type Category Topic Prize
Defined topic Infrastructure category integrated development environment (IDE) 20,000 AOS
Plug-in wallet 20,000 AOS
DApp category Decentralized lending 20,000 AOS
Decentralized exchange 20,000 AOS
Decentralized stable coins 20,000 AOS
NFT non-fungible tokens 20,000 AOS
Oracle machine 20,000 AOS
Contract betting 20,000 AOS
Smart locking 20,000 AOS
Anonymous voting 20,000 AOS
Privacy entertainment app 20,000 AOS
Other privacy protection applications 20,000 AOS
Non-defined topic / / 20,000 AOS

(2) Final award evaluation (winning award)

After the submission of works closes, the final award will be evaluated from October 21 to October 30. The following awards will be selected:

Award Number Prize
1st Prize 1 200,000 AOS
2nd Prize 2 100,000 AOS
3rd Prize 3 50,000 AOS

(3) Community fund incubation program

Winning works in the final will have access to be supported by AOS Foundation:

Financial investment (ranging from US $50,000 to US $5 million)

Free technical guidance will be provided

Media promotion support will be provided (AOS all media/community matrix promotion support)

Other related resources and support

Competition awards evaluation

Basic requirements for entry works

Works must be submitted to Github open source

Complete works must include source code, function description, etc.

Relevant laws and regulations of the country (region) where the team is shall not be violated, and infringement on others’ intellectual property rights is not allowed

DAPP works must be submitted with an English version

Selection criteria

Function completeness: complete in core functions and business logic

Code quality: including security, program execution efficiency, scalability, code readability and advanced technology

Relevance: AOS features are applied or related to AOS public chains

User status: number of users and active users

User experience: good user experience

Originality: the project must be original by the participant (open source project is not plagiarism)

Commercial value: it can solve a practical problem and have a commercial prospect

Selection process

Preliminary selection:

During August 20-October 20, participants’ submitted works meeting the basic requirements of entries and generally reaching the work selection criteria can be shortlisted and qualified for the final. These works will have access to the “preliminary shortlist award” (DAPP works will also be uploaded into the AOS wallet application center), and the organizing committee will select a number of excellent works from each competition topic and grant awards.

Final selection:

October 21-October 30 is for the final selection. Final selection is divided into two parts: community voting and organizing committee member evaluation. The weight of community voting is 30% and that of organizing committee is 70%.


Competition entry access


Competition webpage access:www.aos.plus (open the competition website before August 20)

Submission of works

GitHub submission address:Subject to the disclosure of the contest website (open the contest website before August 20)

Competition enquiry


Competition awards evaluation

  • Functional completeness
  • Code quality
  • Relevance
  • Originality
  • Commercial value
  • Number of users
  • User activity
  • Other notes

    1.Participants are held legally responsible for their submitted works

    2.The works can apply any development language and tool

    3.Individual and team participation is both allowed with unlimited number of members

    4.There is no limit to the time and venue of the development as long as the works are submitted within the limited period

    5.Providing two or more sets of similar product source code is forbidden. Once found, the participant will be disqualified

    6.Before the submission of entry works closes, participants can improve the entry works. In the preliminary, the first submitted version shall prevail; in the final, the final version submitted before the closing date shall prevail

    7.The intellectual property rights of the entry works in this competition belong to the participants. The organizer is entitled to use the entry works and related work and participant information for promotion materials, related publications, authorized media release, official website browsing, downloading and exhibition

    8.Entry works shall be submitted in the required form, and those that do not meet the requirements will be eliminated directly

    9.The winners’ tax shall be borne by themselves, and the organizer shall not be liable for any compensation caused by any reason of the developer or DApp

    10.AOS foundation reserves the right of final interpretation of the event/p>




    AOS official has the final right to interpret this activity