Infrastructure category

1.Integrated development environment (IDE)

AOS development and debugging environment:

A、AOS development and debugging environmen.t

B、It can edit, compile, debug and release AOS smart contracts.

C、It can use ABI to visually invoke DAPP on AOS.

2.Plug-in wallet/desktop wallet

Through the interaction with browsers, it can realize the operation of AOS network, including money transfer, resources buying and selling, DAPP invoking, etc. It supports at least mainstream browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Opera.

DApp category

1.Decentralized lending

Match debits and credits by decentralized lending agreements. After the mortgage is confirmed, the asset is transferred and the loan is completed. It realizes orders matching and real-time settlement on the chain.

2.Decentralized exchange

It is a decentralized exchange for matching and settlement on the chain where users can make deposits, place orders, settle accounts and withdraw deposits.

3.Decentralized stable coins

It realizes the mortgage of decentralized AOS issuance to achieve 1 COIN = 1 USD and the mortgage assets are shown openly and transparently. Most importantly, stable coins maintain the same price when the price of AOS fluctuates.

4.NFT non-fungible tokens

It creates non-fungible circulating tokens or aggregating platforms on AOS public chains, including but not limited to encrypted artworks, limited encrypted game roles, limited equipment, NFT asset trading platforms, identification of identity certificates, etc. Developers can be creative to bring a climax of NFT development on AOS.


A distributed oracle data network is built to interact with real-world data; it provides oracle machine solutions for many application scenarios, such as financial data transmission, financial protocols, insurance, etc.; it can perfectly integrate and seamlessly interact with services outside the blockchain, such as payment, contract execution and any service that can be performed through API.

6.Contract betting

Betting on specific events (rising or falling coin price, winning or losing of events, etc.) is achieved by AOS smart contract network. It supports users to take token on AOS or any other token on AOS public chains as a chip, and in the end, the smart contract automatically allocates prizes.

7.Smart locking

It can issue assets (or standardize separate contracts of issuing assets) and lock the function of a certain type of token assets with a duration term for issuing to other accounts.

8.Anonymous voting

Based on the anonymity of AOS and the cryptology tools provided by the underlayer, an anonymous voting system is constructed.

9.Privacy entertainment applications

Based on the anonymity of AOS, the privacy of entertainment application is realized. The application including public data and encrypted data is realized to meet different application scenarios. Public data is open and transparent which is convenient for external search and confirmation. Private and sensitive data is encrypted and stored and only users themselves can decrypt and read it.

10.Other privacy protection applications

Based on the anonymity of AOS and the technologies of zero-knowledge proof and homomorphic encryption provided by the underlayer of AOS, the privacy protection application is constructed.

DApp category

Non-defined competition topics

Developers can develop various applications by themselves on the AOS public chains and submit their works to participate in the competition.

AOS official has the final right to interpret this activity